• Dual Enrollment

    For families who want to dual enroll their child with a public school, usually for the purpose of attending one or more classes or extracurriculuar activities offered by the district.

    • A child under dual enrollment may participate in academic programs or extracurricular activities on the same basis as any regularly enrolled student. A child is also eligible to receive AEA services on the same basis as a regularly enrolled student.
    • The parent/guardian may not use dual enrollment to enroll a child in all courses but one. A child must receive at least 1/4 of the child's instruction by way of CPI and no more than 3/4 by way of the district's academic programs. If a child is in 11th or 12th grade, they may also chose to dual enroll in post-secondary enrollment option courses.
    • The parent/guardian shall not be required to pay the costs of the child's annual assessment.
    • A student may open enroll to another district and then dual enroll in the receiving district. The parent/guardian needs to follow the usual procedures of the open enrollment law.

    Senior Year Plus Program

    Iowa Code, chapter 261E, "Senior Year Plus Program", there are student eligibility requirements in order to access advanced placement courses and postsecondary credit. In order to earn college credit, you must fulfill certain requirements. View more information about the requirements below.