• Request Assistance with the Parent Portal

    If you do not have a Parent Portal account, complete the form below to request one.

    If you have an account, but have forgotten your username or password, follow the instructions in Parent Portal to recover your username/reset your password. You need to have previously set your Parent Portal image preferences and have access to the email address that you entered for password reset purposes.  If you are unable to recover your username and password through the Parent Portal, you may then complete the form below.

    If you require other assistance with Infinite Campus besides creating an account or obtaining your username and password, you may email fridayportal@ankenyschools.org with the details of your request. Each Friday, the district responds to detailed requests sent to that address. Please be sure to include your name, child(ren)'s names and birthdates, home address, email address, and the specific assistance you need. Requests submitted through the form above are processed more frequently than those submitted by email, but are limited to account creation, username recovery, and password resets.