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Degrees and Certifications:

Video Production

Video Production



Contact information:

Name: Patrick Asmussen


Phone: 515-965-9630  

Best time to reach me:  

                -Before or after school.


How students will be graded:

  • A 0-100 percent scale will be utilized at the secondary level in the Ankeny Community School District.
  • Letter grades will continue to be assigned for all courses at the secondary level based on the 0-100 percent scale.
  • Categories/Weighting in Infinite Campus: (Summative Assessments 90%, Final 10%, & Formative Assessments: Not counted toward grade calculation).


Minimum Percent

92.5  89.5  86.5  82.5  79.5  76.5  72.5  69.5  66.5  62.5  59.5  59 and below

Letter Grade

A        A-     B+   B        B-    C+     C     C-      D+    D      D-          F


Guiding Practices:


Multiple and Varied Assessment Opportunities (including Retakes)

All students should have multiple assessment opportunities to demonstrate higher levels of achievement.  The opportunities may be initiated by the instructor or the student, but always at the instructor’s discretion.  Additional opportunities may include retakes of an alternate form of an assessment (e.g., Form B instead of Form A), student revisions of work products based on descriptive feedback, or alternative methods of assessments (e.g., an oral response rather than a written test).  


Specific guidelines are the following:

  • Students will be provided the opportunity to be reassessed (i.e., retakes and homework).
  • Teachers determine appropriateness and authentic need for reassessments.
  • Generally, reassessments will be limited to one retake per assessment. Additional reassessments will be provided at the discretion of the teacher.
  • While a retake is encouraged by the teacher, it is ultimately a student’s decision whether or not to participate in the retake.
  • Retakes will be taken within a reasonable time frame that the teacher determines and informs students of in advance.

Additional information for this class:  

-Re-takes will be offered as outlined in the Social Studies re-take policy.  (See re-take contract) 


Homework / Independent Practice

Through independent learning tasks (homework), students assume more responsibility for their learning and are given opportunities to apply what they have learned to new situations or experiences.


There are four main purposes for independent learning tasks:  

Purpose 1:  Building fluency;

Purpose 2:  Applying knowledge;

Purpose 3:  Reviewing and practicing past learning; and

Purpose 4:  Extending learning across topics and disciplines.


  • The purpose of an assignment will determine whether or not a grade is given.
  • Independent practice / homework shall be individualized and based on each student’s progress towards established standards.


Extra Credit and Bonus Points

To ensure that grades reflect progress toward and achievement of the standards, giving extra credit points or bonus points will not occur in this class.   


Behavioral Expectations

  • The vision of the Ankeny Community Schools is that behavior will be reported separately from academic achievement.
  • Behavior expectations for this course:
    • Students will be expected to demonstrate proper behavior outlined in the HAWK WAY. 



Formative and Summative Assessment:



Formative Assessment: Formal and informal processes teachers and students use to gather evidence for the purpose of improving learning.


Summative Assessment:  Assessments that provide evidence of student achievement for the purpose of making a judgment about student competence or program effectiveness.