• Graduation Ceremony

    Students who are passing all required classes at the time of the commencement, and who meet the graduation requirements set by the Board are allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony and in senior activities. It is possible that students who are serving discipline at the time of the graduation ceremony or other senior activities will not be allowed to participate. Students are not required to participate in the graduation ceremony.

    Early Graduation

    Students who meet the graduation requirements set by the board prior to the end of their senior year may apply to their principal and counselor for early graduation. Students must apply at least one semester prior to the completion of the graduation requirements. For more information on early
    graduation, see Board Policy #505.06.

    Students who graduate early become alumni of the school district and are not allowed to participate in school activities, including senior activities, except for graduation ceremonies. Students are strongly encouraged to attend school for the traditional eight (8) semesters. Students who wish to apply for early graduation should speak with their guidance counselor about the procedures and expectations.

    Participation in Commencement Exercises

    In order to participate in commencement exercises, a student must be enrolled full-time and pass all courses required for graduation during their final semester. Students planning to graduate at the end of first semester must complete all requirements for graduation or return for the second semester in order to participate in commencement. Students may participate in year-end commencement exercises if they are in good standing and have met graduation requirements as per Board Policy #505.05 or requirements as outline in Board Policy #604.4.