• Updating Your Contact Information

    Blackboard uses the contact information you have stored with the school district in the Infinite Campus system. No other sign up or other "activation" is necessary.  However - this means that it is very important to keep your information updated in the Infinite Campus system so that we are able to contact you in an emergency.

    Your contact information will be used as follows:

    • In non-emergency situations, you will be e-mailed at the e-mail addresses you have on record in Infinite Campus.
    • When school is canceled or delayed in the morning before school starts, the system will text the primary household phone number (h) and e-mail you at the addresses on record in Infinite Campus, excluding emergency contacts.
    • In emergencies, or when school will be dismissed during the day (early) due to weather, the system will text all phone numbers and e-mail all e-mail addresses on record for the family in Infinite Campus. This includes the "emergency contact" person you have listed in Infinite Campus.
    • Certain messages may be sent to specific grade levels, as opposed to district-wide. For example, a message about the cancellation of evening activities may only be sent to parents of secondary school students if no other classes or schedules are affected.

    If you want to check your contact information, log in to Infinite Campus. 

    After logging into Infinite Campus, select Family Members in the left column to review the information we have on file.

    Phone numbers need to include area codes. E-mail addresses can also be kept on file.

    If you need to update or correct your contact information, please call your child's school office during regular school hours to update it.

    If you do not have children in the district, it is possible that you are receiving messages because a friend or relative designated you as an emergency contact. If you do not wish to receive such messages, please call 289-8959 to provide your contact information and request its removal from Blackboard.