• Ankeny Food Assistance Locations

    Listed below are areas in or near Ankeny that the community can receive food assistance

    Name:  IMPACT


      located 2701 SE Convenience Blvd Suite 2. I think you can only go once a month so it may be good to go now at the end of the month to prepare for the beginning of next month and then again in February if you need to. Here is their website: https://www.foodbankiowa.org/agency/impact-community-action-partnership-ankeny. They can also help with energy assistance and I think could help you look for jobs. You can apply for WIC here as well.


       Helping hand boxes are located all around Ankeny. You can stop and get food from any of them at any time. They have a facebook page you can follow as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ahelpinghandinankeny/ Here are the addresses they are located at: 

      1. 423 w 1st
      2. Mel Ray trailer park by mailboxes (at the corner of Polk City Dr and Polk City Court if using a GPS)
      3. 1313 NW Beechwood
      4. 4807 NW 5th
      5. 1003 SW 3rd
      6. 2081 SE Windover Dr
      7. 602 SE Delaware:United Church of Christ
      8. 317 SE Trilein Dr: Presbyterian church
      9. 801 SE Belmont

      10.1510 W 1st: Ankeny Funeral Home

      1. 517 SW Des Moines St: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
      2. 517 SW Elm St: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
      3. 1100 SE Sharon Drive

      Keystone Church https://keystonelife.churchcenter.com/people/forms/113593


       Food/Groceries-Free Produce   (Polk County)

      Loffredo Fresh Foods will be distributing a mix of fresh produce, dairy, and dry goods at a distribution point listed below for the upcoming weeks at no cost to the community. Each day a truck will arrive to the specified location with goods at 2:00 pm CST and remain there while supplies last or till 4:00 pm CST (Monday-Friday).

      There are no restrictions on who can receive these goods; each individual is allowed one of each item available at no cost. Please follow Loffredo on Facebook and Instagram for day-to-day updates.

      Facebook: Loffredo Fresh Foods

      Instagram: @loffredofreshfoods


      **Start Date: Friday, March 20th at 2:00 PM CST


      Location of distribution:

      Wells Fargo Arena (North Parking Lot)

      233 Center St

      Des Moines, IA 50309

      Infant Formula

      For help finding infant formula members can contact their locate food bank.  Members can utilize 2-1-1 or Aunt Bertha to locate food banks in their area.


Does my family qualify?

2019-2020 School Year Free and Reduced Priced Meals Income Eligibility Table
Household Size Yearly Total Income Monthly Total Income Twice a Month Total Income Bi-Weekly Total Income Weekly Income
1 $23,107 $1,926 $963 $889 $445
2 $31,284 $2,607 $1,304 $1,204 $602
3 $39,461 $3,289 $1,645 $1,518 $759
4 $47,638 $3,970 $1,985 $1,833 $917
5 $55,815 $4,652 $2,326 $2,147 $1,074
6 $63,992 $5,333 $2,667 $2,462 $1,231
7 $72,169 $6,015 $3,008 $2,776 $1,388
8 $80,346 $6,696 $3,348 $3,091 $1,546
For each additional family member, add: +$8,177 +$682 +$341 +$315 +$158