• Silver Cord Guidelines

    Students and parents should remember: this is a student driven initiative - it is the student's responsibility to arrange the volunteer activity, follow through with it, and complete the necessary paperwork within the stated time frames.


    • A pre‐approval form must be submitted and approved before completing the service activity.
    • As a part of the pre-approval process, all volunteer work is verified with the supervising agency. Volunteer work that cannot be verified will not be approved.
    • Please allow at least five (5) days for approval from the time of submission (be aware that it can take up to a week to make contact with the supervising agency).
    • Special consideration is given for unforeseen volunteer projects where pre-approval could not be obtained—i.e. natural disasters, emergencies, etc.
    • Students must receive confirmation of approval prior to starting their experience.


    • The volunteer service must be supervised by an adult who is employed by the organization, or is an established volunteer who is recognized by the organization.
    • Family members and/or fellow students cannot act as the supervisor, nor can they verify volunteer hours.

    Verification of Supervisor and Submission of Hours

    • Upon completion of the service, students are required to fill out the reflection form, and have the documentation of hours form signed by their site supervisor. 
    • Forms should be submitted to a Silver Cord Coordinator on the first day of each month for ongoing activities and within 30 days of completion for all other activities.
    • Seniors need to have completed their 40 hours AND turn in all eligible forms by May 3, 2019.
    • Students should keep track of hours with the documentation of hours form.
    • Hours will not be input to Infinite Campus until both the signed hours form and the reflection have been turned in.

    Distribution of Hours

    • Students must accumulate 40 approved hours per year for three years: sophomore, junior and senior.
    • The total of 40 hours each year should be completed through a variety of volunteer experiences in three (3) areas: Church, School, and Community. Students must complete hours in at least two (2) different service areas.
    • No more than 15 hours will be credited for any one experience.

    Summer Hours

    • It is important the student understands summer hours require pre-approval and commitment to which year they will be applied in order to count towards Silver Cord.
    • Service hours earned during the summer after the academic year may be applied toward EITHER the prior or following school year. (For example, the summer after sophomore year can apply toward EITHER the sophomore OR junior 40-hour requirement.)
    • Summer hours begin the day school is dismissed for the summer break and end the day before the first day of school.
    • Pre-approval forms for summer hours are to be submitted the week before final exams. Students interested in participating over the summer need to plan ahead. 
    • Completed Reflection Forms for summer service are due by September 1. You must include the original signed verification form.
    • Incoming sophomore students can not earn hours in the summer preceding their sophomore year.

    Student Transfers In

    • If a student transfers into the school district, the required hours will be pro-rated dependent upon their current grade classification.