• Get Started:

    Getting started in the Silver Cord program is easy! Simply:

    1. Arrange a qualifying volunteer experience
    2. Print and turn in the pre-approval form to your Silver Cord coordinator.
    3. Pick up the approved pre-approval form.
    4. Participate in your volunteer experience.
    5. Complete the award form and have the site supervisor sign it.
    6. If the event took place over several days, include the documentation of hours form.
    7. The award form must be signed by the supervisor, in most cases this would be the contact information used on the pre-approval form.
    8. Attach the original pre-approval form to the above documents and submit it to your Silver Cord coordinator to be entered into Infinite Campus.

    Don't forget: to ensure your Silver Cord experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible, be sure your are familiar with the Silver Cord Guidelines and Processes.