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October 10, 2021

Viral Challenges in our School Environment

The Ankeny Community School District continues to see some incidents of the 2021 Tik Tok School Challenges. We have information about future challenges that include criminal activities and could go as far as assaulting individual students and staff members. 

Working together, we ask families to communicate the seriousness of these seemingless inappropriate pranks and the impact this could have on our schools, other students, and the possible consequences they will face if found taking part in these challenges. The Ankeny Community School District will not tolerate this behavior and if a student is found to be involved with one of these activities, appropriate disciplinary actions in alignment with our policies and code of conduct will be implemented.

“We are asking families to take this opportunity to have a conversation with your student about making good choices when using technology,” Dr. Erick Pruitt, Superintendent. “Encourage your students to show good character and to not follow dangerous social media trends.”