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Before & After School

November 25, 2020 B/ASP Day Camp


Registration is closed.

Click here if your student will no longer attend the Greatness In Giving Camp

Site Contact Information

If an employee is not at the door S10 when you arrive, please call the site cell phone, 515-490-2324.  A sign will be posted on the door with this number as well.  You may reach site staff via e-mail at


 Bring the following items to camp:

  • CDC compliant face mask – worn at all times inside the building except when eating
  • Refillable water bottle (water fountains are closed)
  • Sack lunch (milk available for purchase if wanted)
  • Jacket or other weather appropriate clothing
  • Extra set of clothes in case of an accident, if needed
  • Emergency medication, if needed (site leaders do not transfer from sites; if your child needs the emergency B/ASP medication, you will need to check it out from your child’s site leader on Friday, November 20)

Leave the following items at home:

  • Electronic devices, toys, etc.
  • Any items not requested on the list above

Additional information:

  • Safety ProtocolsAll students are required to comply with B/ASP and district COVID-19 Social Distancing & Safety Protocols
  • Arrival & Dismissal. Via door S10 – located on the south side of the building.  Drop off and pick up will occur outside the building; all program procedures will be followed.  Access to the building will be limited to students and employees.
  • Mandatory Temperature Checks. Required before a student is checked in to camp. Thank you in advance for maintaining proper social distancing while waiting to drop off and pick up your child. 
  • Student GroupsGroup sizes will be limited.  Students will be rostered to a specific group and will remain with the same group throughout the day.  Requests for student groups will not be accommodated to avoid mixing of groups as much as possible.

All COVID-19 Social Distancing & Safety Protocols in place for the school year will be followed during camp.  To review these protocols, click here

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