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Volunteering in Ankeny

Thank you for seeking the opportunity to volunteer within the Ankeny Community School District.

We have launched a new volunteer initiative called VIPS! Volunteers in Public Schools, or VIPS, is an opportunity to match enthusiastic, caring volunteers with the Ankeny school buildings that need them.

There are many ways to help and you choose your involvement level. Positions vary from student facing to behind the scenes at elementary or secondary buildings.

As a reminder, all volunteers must do the following:

  • Complete a background check. Be sure to choose ‘VIPS’ on the form.
  • Complete the volunteer handbook.

Ready to join the Ankeny VIPS? Click here to review available volunteer opportunities and make your selection.

Thank you for your involvement and commitment to the Ankeny Community School District!

Step 1: Volunteer Handbook

The Volunteer Handbook must be completed before you plan to volunteer and must be completed each year. The Volunteer Handbook includes:

  • Volunteer information
  • Volunteer Objectives
  • Certification of Compliance
  • Statement of Confidentiality

Click here to complete the Volunteer Handbook.

Once completed and submitted, your form will automatically be on file at the schools(s) you selected.

Step 2: Background Check

A background check for volunteering within the Ankeny School District is required every 5 years. Background checks can no longer be printed. This document must be completed online. Please allow 2 weeks for processing background checks.

  • If you are unsure of the date of your last background check for volunteering, you will need to contact the secretary at the school you plan to volunteer.
  • If you have had a background check within the last 5 years, only complete step 1.
  • If you have never volunteered or it has been more than 5 years since your last background check and you need to complete a background check, please click on the maroon button below: “I want to volunteer”

*NOTE: Secure Volunteer will not process a background check if you have one on file with Ankeny Schools dated within the past 5 years. You will receive a rejection/denial email.

All student observations, practicums, field experiences, student teaching, including social workers, nurses and counselors will be assigned through the district office. Please contact our team via email to make arrangements.

I want to volunteer