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Independent Contractor Request

Independent Contractor Request

When requesting an Independent Contractor for Ankeny Community School District please answer the following questions and download the attached forms as part of our screening process. Once approved this will be brought to the board of education for approval. Allow at least one month for processing.

Your name(Required)
Does the independent contractor do this type of work for other districts?(Required)
Do they incur expenses and have the ability to show profit/loss in performing their work (i.e. providing their own equipment or supplies needed to do the job?)(Required)
Does the independent contractor set their own schedule?(Required)
Does the independent contractor determine their rate of pay?(Required)
Does the independent contractor determine how to carry out the work?(Required)
Do they carry general liability, professional liability, and workers’ compensation insurance to cover themselves or their employees while performing their duties?(Required)

Required Forms

If answering YES to all of the above questions please have the independent contractor complete the following forms:
Once all documents are received in entirety, the agreement will be placed on the next regularly scheduled board meeting. IMPORTANT: If you cannot answer yes to questions 1-5, this position should be classified as an employee. Refer to job posting for event workers or accompanist/fine arts workflow in TalentEd and perform required hiring procedures.