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Special Ed Teacher Eric Griffith


My name is Eric Griffith I have been an Ankeny teacher since 1996.  I currently am a resource teacher in special education that focuses on co-teaching in senior English classes.  I co-teach in Literature 12, Composition 12 and Communications Skills.  I am also the AHS prom sponsor, a position I have held since 2001.  In the past I have also been an assistant football and baseball coach but have retired from those endeavors.  My wife has recently retired from education she was a counselor at Ankeny Centennial.   I have two adult sons that both graduated from AHS.  My oldest (Cameron) is currently a Captain in the US Army and along with my daughter-in-law Rachel recently announced the birth of our first granddaughter.  My youngest son (Quincy) is currently an assistant football coach at Wayne State College in Nebraska.

Photo of Eric Griffith