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Equity Framework FAQs


1. Why does the Equity Framework serve as the foundation for the strategic plan?

The DEI Framework guides our professional ways of work, it establishes the leadership, teaching, and support behaviors needed to effectively implement the strategic plan.

2. Are there other districts in the U.S. that have tried this approach that we're aspiring or modeling this after?

Yes, emerging practices in both PK-12 and higher education hold great promise in the establishment of DEI frameworks. Below you will find a link to a few examples from other school districts:

  1. Chicago Public Schools
  2. Thompson School District
  3. Sun Prairie Area School District
  4. Minneapolis Public Schools Equity Framework
  5. Montgomery Schools All In: Equity and Achievement Framework
  6. Fairfax County Public Schools

3. Why are equitable experiences important?

We strive for every student to experience belonging and inclusion. While traditional achievement markers are important indicators of success, our holistic vision also looks at student engagement, satisfaction, persistence, participation in extracurricular activities in addition to acquisition of knowledge and skills and competencies.
4. Why is there a focus on student social identities?

All ACSD students bring with them varying identities. Identity safe classrooms foster belonging and value for students of all backgrounds. When we create environments that are inclusive of of all the dimensions of student identities it can help them become successful learners

5. Why is belonging important?

A student’s sense of belonging is significant for not only social development but academic achievement.
7. How will staff knowledge, skills and actions be improved to achieve equitable outcomes?

We will provide ongoing professional learning opportunities to all of our staff. One of the components of the framework is continuous improvement, it involves using data to plan, test, monitor, and reflect on strategies designed to improve outcomes for all students and teachers.