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Neveln Renovation

Ankeny Schools is underway on a $13 million project to renovate the historic Neveln building to serve as the facility to house the district office, boardroom, and board chambers. The district is preserving the history of the Neveln building, working from the foundation of success already built. Additionally, the building currently occupied by the district office will be renovated to house the Beyond Program, which serves 18-21 year-olds students and the Summit Program, which serves high school students needing an alternative setting to achieve graduation.

The district realized cost-savings by renovating the existing building, rather than purchasing land and building new. New construction would have required land purchasing and building a new building, while still leaving the district to determine the next course of action of the Neveln building- whether it would have been torn down or renovated. 

The district was able to preserve some of the historical features in the building including: 

  • The old gym floor will remain as installed in the new board room. Fun Fact: The basketball flooring in the Neveln building, installed a century ago,  is laid the exact same way basketball floors are laid today.
  • The exterior facade will be renovated to honor the original use of the building, and preserve the historical context.
  • The three-story exterior will be the focal point of the project.
  • The design of the building preserves the 100-year look and feel of the project.