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Revenue Purpose Statement

Prairie Trail Elem Additions

At their January 4 meeting, the Ankeny Board of Education approved revenue purpose statement language calling for an election to authorize expenditures from revenue received from the State’s Secure and Advanced Vision for Education Fund (SAVE). The election is scheduled for March 2, 2021. The district’s past revenue purpose statement has been in place since 2008.

In 2019, the Iowa Legislature voted to institute a new “sunset” of January 1, 2051. Because of this change, school districts must re-state how they intend to use S.A.V.E. funds and the community must vote on that revenue purpose statement in order to borrow against future revenue.

What’s is a Revenue Purpose Statement?

A Revenue Purpose Statement (RPS) is a ballot measure that describes how school districts can spend penny sales tax (SAVE) funds that the State of Iowa has dedicated to public schools.

This vote does not determine whether the tax will go into effect. The Governor already signed S.A.V.E. into law. The sales tax will be charged statewide regardless of its use or the outcome of this vote. 

Why is it important now?

Ankeny Schools’ current Revenue Purpose Statement will expire in 2031. The district is seeking voter approval of a new Revenue Purpose Statement that would extend through the year 2050, in accordance with the updated legislation.

Will this raise taxes?

No, this will not raise taxes. Approving the Revenue Purpose Statement will allow the district to access future SAVE funds, but it will not change the current sales tax rate. The sales tax will be charged statewide regardless of its use or the outcome of this vote. This vote is in regards to how the district utilizes these funds.

What does the Revenue Purpose Statement say?

The proposed Revenue Purpose Statement states the district may use these funds in the following ways:

  • Property tax relief
  • Information technology infrastructure, school safety, and security infrastructure
  • To purchase land, build, and furnish new school buildings
  • To remodel, reconstruct, repair, expand, and improve the school buildings in the district
  • Natural disaster relief
  • Maintaining public recreation places and playgrounds

What has the district used past S.A.V.E. funds for?

Some of the past projects funded or partially funded through the S.A.V.E. fund include:

  • Land for Prairie Trail Elementary School
  • East Elementary School Renovations
  • Land for Ankeny Centennial High School
  • Northview Middle School Renovations
  • Prairie Trail Elementary School Addition
  • Ankeny High School and Ankeny Centennial High School Additions
  • Northeast Elementary School, Westwood Elementary School, Northwest Elementary School, Southeast Elementary School Additions
  • Prairie Trail Elementary School
  • Rock Creek Elementary School Addition
  • Land for Future Elementary School
  • Terrace Elementary School Gymnasium and Multi-Purpose Room
  • Heritage Elementary School (Partial)
  • Neveln Center/District Office Renovations
  • Parkview Middle School Renovations
  • Southview Middle School Phase II Construction
  • Ankeny Centennial High School Construction
  • Crocker Elementary School (Partial)

When will the vote be held? 

The election is set for March 2, 2021.

What if the Revenue Purpose Statement is not approved? 

If the new Revenue Purpose Statement is not approved, the district will need to spend S.A.V.E. funds in a manner previously allowed under the original statement through 2031. After that time, the district will lose some of its flexibility in how to utilize that money.  A special ballot can be brought back to voters not less than six months after the previous election.