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Profile of a Graduate

​​The Profile of a Graduate works together with the strategic plan and DEI framework to help us chart a path for the district’s future. Our strategic plan will be the guide that allows us to build the kind of district we hope to have. The DEI Framework will help us ensure all students have a high-quality educational experience. The profile of a graduate will serve as our district’s North Star, outlining the competencies and characteristics we collectively believe all of our students should have by the time they graduate from our district. This profile is also available for public review and feedback. 

DRAFT Profile of a Graduate

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This year, alongside our strategic plan, we are working collaboratively to develop a Portrait of an ACSD Graduate. This document will define the competencies – cognitive, personal, and interpersonal traits – that we will aim for all ACSD students to have by the time they graduate from high school. A first step in this process is for stakeholders to dream big for our students.

Phase I: Forming Committees

In Feb. 2022, the Ankeny Community School District invited a variety of stakeholders to help craft our graduate profile that include:

  • teachers
  • administrators
  • students
  • parents
  • community leaders

We are casting a wide net to ensure diversity of perspectives are heard, and all stakeholder groups have multiple opportunities to provide meaningful input into the profile’s design. 

Phase II: Feedback Collection

In this phase we will use the data collected in the survey and review the input provided. 

Phase III: Align with Strategic Plan and Equity Framework

We will intentionally cross-walk themes and recommendations from the committees and the district audit process to ensure alignment.

Phase IV: Profile of a Graduate Launch

Materials will be prepared for presenting to the Ankeny Board of Education on May 16. Launch will happen in conjunction with the Strategic Plan.