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Questions regarding Academics:

Some questions may be combined when the topic is the same.

Learning Models

Can a parent choose to switch between learning models at any point?
Unless a student’s personal health circumstances change in a meaningful way after the deadline for submission of the Remote Learning form (e.g. a student is diagnosed with a health condition that makes learning from home a better learning environment), the district will not be able to honor requests to select the “remote only” option after the deadline for submitting this form has passed. In the same way, the district will not be able to honor requests to select to attend school after the deadline has passed.  These learning models may change based on current public health conditions.

Is the hybrid learning model temporary? Will the kids go back full time in a few weeks if health circumstances are improving?
They Hybrid Learning model was approved for August 24 – October 2. Recommendations are being sent to the Ankeny Board of Education at their September 8, 2020 meeting and will be voted on at the September 21, 2020 meeting.

If a building is closed for 2-5 days due to a confirmed COVID-19 case, what will learning look like during that time?
When a building or a classroom needs to close due to a case or an outbreak, students and the teacher will move into our required continuous learning model for remote learning.
Can you provide a percentage of students who chose Remote vs Hybrid models?
  • Remote: 13.7%
  • Hybrid: 86.3%

Traditional On-site Instruction

What will the Traditional On-site Schedule look like?
All buildings will follow their normal daily bell schedules. However, times may adjust within the day due to the need for social distancing when students are transitioning or passing from one classroom to another or for other non-academic needs such as lunch during the school day.  

To what extent will students be able to social distance in a traditional on-site instruction model?
The US Fire Administration states, One way of converting the CDC’s 6-foot separation criteria to occupant load is to simply calculate the area of a circle with a radius of 6 feet, which is equal to approximately 113 square feet per person. A standard classroom is about 900 square feet. 8×113=904. If there are 25 students in a room, 900/26=34.6 square feet per person.

Will students wear masks throughout the day in traditional on-site instruction?
Yes, masks will be required .  

Hybrid Model

Who will create and administer the remote portion of the hybrid model? How long do you expect this to take each off day?
It will be created and administered by the student’s teacher. Length will be dependent on the work that is being done and the individual needs of the student.

In a hybrid learning plan, will K-5 students be required to log on at certain times during remote days? How much parental support (reading, instructions, etc.) will be needed for remote days for K-5?
Students will not be required to log on at certain times on offsite days. Teachers will be working with the opposite group during the school day so the learning activities for offsite days will be done at any time (asynchronous).

What will the Hybrid Schedule look like?
The Hybrid Schedule has been approved.  

How will holidays work with the hybrid model?
The school calendar on page 7 will stay the same.

If deemed appropriate by the IEP team, could special education students potentially have more face-to-face time than general education students in a hybrid model?
Special Education information can be found on page 15 of the Hybrid Learning Model portion of the Return to Learn Plan. To address the unique needs of students with disabilities, special education providers will continue the work with families to collaboratively identify the most essential services for each student that can be provided both directly and indirectly in remote and in-person learning environments. Service plans will be adjusted as needed for the circumstances of the learning environment. We recognize that each student will have an individual plan based on the learning model selected by the district. We will be working diligently to set detailed plans for the delivery of special education services. 

What manipulatives will the distinct be providing families to complete this portion of at home learning?
Students will use hands-on manipulatives available at home and have multi-sensory learning opportunities. The classroom teacher will consult with parents in how to support student learning at home by offering office hours and recorded videos modeling the use of manipulatives and instructional strategies 

How will DMACC classes (dual enrolled ) be taught? Will they be A/B day or 100% online?

  • If a student is participating in a DMACC career academy course, they will follow the schedule as determine by the DMACC instructor.  Some of these courses are on site at DMACC and other are offered in an online format this semester.
  • If they are attending in the hybrid model and are enrolled in a course taught by an Ankeny teacher that is also a DMACC credit course, they would follow the Ankeny Hybrid calendar.
  • If they are a remote only student that is enrolled in a course taught by an Ankeny teacher that is also a DMACC credit course, they would follow the remote learning schedule.


Are the hybrid model at home days synchronized or asynchronous?

Remote Learning Option (First Semester)

Is Wednesday off for remote learning only students?
For the first semester remote learning option, Wednesday is a day for teacher collaboration, teacher office hours for students, and student question and answer with teachers. This will not include scheduled class time.  

How does Governor Reynold's July 30 announcement affect the availability of the remote option for the first semester?
It does not impact our plans. The Governor’s proclamation from July 17 indicated that parents should have the opportunity to choose a remote learning option for their family. The July 30 press conference was regarding school district implementing remote learning for the entire district. Those requests must be submitted to the state for approval. However, it is still the case that parents can choose, as we have done in Ankeny.

What is the remote learning option time commitment each day?
You can view the elementary and secondary schedules for the remote learning option here:

Elementary Schedule

Secondary Schedule

If parents create 'pandemic pods' in our homes with the online option, could we invite our online teacher once in awhile?
Teachers will have office hours where they would be able to virtually participate in a meeting with their students throughout the week.  

How much of the day are elementary students actually expected to be online for synchronous sessions?
Please consult with your child’s teacher to determine daily expectations.

Will the online classes be recorded for parents that can't get their kids to all the live online classes?
Please consult with your child’s teacher to determine daily expectations.

With the remote learning option, at the elementary level, will there be paper and pencil work?
Staff may use a variety of methods to deliver instruction. They might include: screencast/recorded lessons, targeted instructional links, defined student expectations for learning tasks, resources that are accessible and support the instructional purpose (paper copies that are comparable learning), or video tutorials.  To the extent possible, utilize tools that are familiar to students. Please consult with your child’s teacher if you need support resources provided.

What accommodations will be made for remote learners who are taking classes with labs?
Labs, workshops, and project-based assignments are done online.

Will students have PE/recess/other breaks even when they are online learning?

You can view the elementary and secondary schedules for the remote learning option here:

Elementary Schedule

Secondary Schedule

Student Performance

How will we make sure that no child is left behind if they are not attending in person?
This is the work that our teachers engage in every year. Teachers will work with individual students and families to address learning needs.

Special Programs

What will specials look like for students?
Elementary students will attend specials each day they are on site, similar to a traditional school model. Students will participate in PE, art, music, technology, guidance, and 5th grade band following social distancing and safety guidelines. Students will have the opportunity to experience all five specials over a two-week period. Cleaning of furniture, supplies, and equipment will take place between classes. Specials may be shortened on Wednesday to accommodate for the shorter school day.


Will AEA employees travel to multiple buildings or be assigned to one?
The majority of our AEA staff serves multiple buildings. However, they will be doing as much as possible remotely and only going onsite when necessary. 

If our child needs to be quarantined due to potential exposure, who would teach them for the next 14 days?
Sick days will be treated as they have in the past, where a child would need to touch base with their teacher to determine what work can be sent to them to stay on track in school. Students will be able to access the asynchronous materials along with the rest of their class, even while home sick or quarantined.  

Any information about Preschool?
The preschool team put together a video to help guide parents through how this relates to our PreK students. 

Why is my child's teacher teaching remotely while they are in school?
 Our goal is to provide quality instruction and a positive experience for students. Wherever possible, we have a certified teacher onsite teaching students. In situations where a certified teacher cannot  be onsite, we will have a certified teacher remote in to the onsite classroom to serve students.

Due to the pandemic, we are experiencing situations we have not yet encountered. There may be many situations where staff are intermittently providing instruction remotely to students onsite, including the following of public health guidelines. As we prepared for the year, we worked to balance the needs and legal rights of all members of our school community, including our staff. No matter the circumstance, our team will continue to partner with students and families to support student success.