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Remote Learners

If you would like to select the remote learning option for your child(ren) for the second semester of the 2020-2021 school year, please complete and submit this brief form by Friday, November 13, 2020.

Please review the following details carefully:

  • You may complete this form for any PK-12 student currently enrolled in the Ankeny Community School District. You do not need a medical reason nor medical documentation to complete this form.
  • You should complete a separate form for each child for whom you are selecting the remote only option.
  • Families who select the remote only option are committing that their child(ren) will participate in this option for the entirety of the second semester (January 19 – last scheduled day of school). This will help create stability for students and will allow the district to manage the logistics (transportation, nutrition, staffing, etc.) needed for children to have a high-quality learning experience.
  • Unless a student’s personal circumstances change in a meaningful way after the deadline for submission of this form (e.g. a student is diagnosed with a health condition that makes learning from home a better learning environment), the district will not be able to honor requests to select the remote only option after the deadline for submitting this form has passed.
  • The remote learning option requires students to be online at designated times for synchronous class periods. Students are expected to engage in their classes and make progress toward academic standards.  Student progress will be monitored by their teacher. The school may propose interventions up to and including a return to in-person attendance for students who struggle with academic performance, attendance or instructional engagement in the remote learning model.
  • The district will do everything feasible to provide students learning from home and students learning in school buildings with access to our full array of course offerings.  However, it is possible that some courses may not be offered. If your student’s course requests are unable to be filled, you will receive communication from your child’s school counselor.
  • Students who participate in the remote only option will remain assigned to their assigned school buildings / attendance centers. Board policy related to attendance centers and intra-district transfer will remain in effect.
  • To ensure students have access to teachers with the relevant content expertise, students participating in the remote only option will likely be engaged in online learning with students from other Ankeny Schools buildings and may be assigned to teacher(s) who teach in other buildings in the districts.
  • Students with unique learning needs, including but not limited to students entitled to services in special education, english language, section 504 may require a conversation with building leaders to ensure that student needs can be met in the remote learning option.
  • Students who are engaged in remote only learning will continue to have access to food service, though the method of delivery will likely differ from the in-school model. For further information see Nutrition Services on the district website.
  • Students who participate in the remote only option may continue to participate in school-sponsored activities.