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Virtual Attendance Instructions

As we move into a Required Continuous Learning Model, our attendance processes will need to shift to better account for the times students will be required to “attend” synchronous learning with their teachers. Starting Monday, November 23, teachers will be responsible for taking attendance for students on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  They will mark your child absent if they do not attend the scheduled synchronous learning sessions and will mark your child tardy if they arrive late to the session.  If you know that your child will be unable to attend or will be late to a scheduled synchronous learning session, it is important that you communicate with your child’s school to document the reason for the absence.

Wednesdays during a Required Continuous Learning Model are scheduled to be asynchronous learning days for your child.  This is an opportunity for your child to engage in learning activities designed by their teachers, but able to be engaged with at your child’s pace.  In order to document that your child as participated in the asynchronous learning day, the child or parent is asked to “check in” via infinite Campus on Wednesday’s only.  If your child is unable to check in due to a technology issues please contact your child’s teacher directly. If your child is ill or will be unable to engage in asynchronous learning for the day please contact your child’s school directly.

Directions on how to “check in”