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Virtual Attendance Instructions

Daily attendance will be taken for both hybrid and remote learning environments. 

  • At School: The teacher will take attendance if your student is scheduled to be physically present. 
  • At Home: When a student is scheduled to attend school virtually, it is the parent or the student’s responsibility to check in via Infinite Campus.

On each virtual classroom day, you must complete the following steps for each class in your schedule during the same day. (For elementary students, you will only need to check-in once a day.) You cannot check-in to classes held on prior days. 

If you forget to check in: Classroom teachers will have the ability to update student attendance based upon evidence of student participation for up to 7 days. During this time, it will appear as though your child is absent. Don’t panic! If after 7 days the discrepancy is not resolved, contact your building directly.

If your child is ill or will not be attending virtually, a parent or guardian must still contact the school’s office.

Step One

Attendance 1

Step Two

Attendance 2

  • If you have multiple students, you will need to select the specific student by clicking on the student name in the top right corner and selecting the correct student from the drop down list.

Step Three

Attendance 3

  • Select the class you are submitting attendance for from the “Check-Ins” List.

Step Four

Attendance 4

  • Click the blue button that says “Yes, student name is here”.

Step Five

Attendance 5

  • You will see a green box appear for a moment that says “your check-in was saved.”  The class you just checked-in for will disappear from the list of available check-ins.

Step Six

Attendance 6

  • Once you have checked-in to all of the classes for the day, your list will be empty, and the screen will say “no check-ins available.”