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Facilities/Finance Advisory Committee

This committee considers long-range planning for facilities and other elements of facility development and construction in order to make sound recommendations to the Board. This committee meets at 4:00 p.m. on the Tuesday following the first Board meeting of the month.

Board representatives: Dustin Graber & Mike Rooney

Meeting agendas are available online at NovusAgenda for quick, easy access to public information. Our agendas include extensive supplemental documents for heightened district transparency.

The eight most recent agendas will appear in the window.

  • Agendas can be searched via the fields at the top of the system.
  • Agendas can be searched by Custom Date Range and/or keyword.
  • Agendas can be searched by Meeting Type including, but not limited to:
    • Ankeny School Board Agenda
    • Ankeny Board Minutes
    • Facility Committee Agenda
    • Facility Committee Minutes
    • Finance Committee Agenda
    • Finance Committee Minutes
    • Policy Committee Agenda
    • Policy Committee Minutes
  • When you find the agenda you wish to view, click on the HTML doc icon at the right of the line to open the agenda.
  • This “dynamic” agenda includes hyperlinks to supplemental materials for agenda items.
  • A standard copy of the agenda is also available through the .pdf icon to the right of the list, which includes all of the supplemental information in one document (please be aware that the .pdf version of the agenda can often be hundreds of pages long).

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