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Board Policies 500 Series: Student Personnel

The following policies are directly related to students. There are many expectations for students related to academic success and overall student responsibility. Parents and students should review these policies on an annual basis and ensure they are familiar with their contents.

Student Personnel

500.00 Objectives for Equal Educational Opportunities for Students

Student Attendance

501.05 Enrollment and Attendance

501.07 Student Transfers Out or Withdrawals

501.08 Placement and Acceptance of Credits Upon Transfer

501.10 Student Absences – Excused

501.11 Compulsory Attendance

501.12 Student Handbooks

501.13 Truancy – Unexcused

501.14 Student Release During School Hours

501.31 Open Enrollment

501.40 Attendance Records

501.51 Homeless Children and Youth

Student Behavior and Discipline

502.01 Student Appearance

502.02 Care of District Property/Vandalism

502.03 Freedom of Expression

502.04 Student Complaints and Grievances

502.05 Student Lockers

502.06 Respectable Use of Mobile Devices

502.13 Weapons

502.14 Video Supervision

502.15 Searches And Seizures

502.20 Tobacco Products, Alcohol, Drugs

502.50 Expulsion

Student Activities

503.00 Student Activity Program

503.01 Student Conduct

503.03 Fines – Fees – Charges

503.05 Corporal Punishment. Mechanical Restraint, and Prone Restraint

503.06 Physical Restraint and Seclusion of Students

503.07 Student Fundraising

503.10 Student Government

503.20 Student Organizations

503.30 School Publications

503.50 Intramural Activities

503.60 Good Conduct Rule

503.61 Sharing of Varsity Extracurricular Programs and Activities

503.70 Student Performances

Student Health and Safety Regulations

504.06 Non-District Extracurricular Activities

504.10 Health Certificate

504.11 Wellness

504.31 Student Injury or Illness at School

504.32 Administration of Medication to Students

504.41 Abuse of Students by District Employees

504.42 Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse

504.45 Inappropriate Student Interaction

504.50 Use of Motor Vehicles

504.70 Emergency School Closings and Procedures

504.80 Student Insurance, General

504.90 Concussion Protocol

Miscellaneous Student-Related Matters

505.01 Student Progress Reports & Conferences

505.02 Student Retention and Promotion

505.03 Student Honors and Awards

505.04 Testing

505.05 Graduation Requirements

505.06 Early Graduation

505.07 Commencement

505.07F Commencement-Individual Graduation Plan

505.08 Parent and Family Engagement

505.50 Interviews of Students by Outside Agencies

505.51 Research Request

505.60 Student Directory Information

506.01 Education Records Access

506.40 Student Library Circulation Records

Student Health and Well-Being

507.00 Substance Abuse Prevention Program

507.03 Communicable Diseases – Student

507.20 Student Safety

507.50 Emergency Plans and Drills

507.70 Custody and Parental Rights

507.80 Students with Special Health Needs

508.20 Open Night

Appendix A – Regulations on Student Records

Appendix A (PDF Format)