• Reporting Practices

    The School Board recognizes and supports a system in which school personnel report student progress. An effective system:

    1. Communicates student progress toward end-of-year grade level/course standards (learning expectations).
    2. Helps the parent/guardian have a better understanding of the District's standards and grade level expectations.
    3. Provides student opportunities to self-reflect, self-assess, and set goals to obtain mastery of end-of-year standards.
    4. Communicates with the parent/guardian about instructions designed to provide more intensified supplemental and intensive support differentiated to meet student learning needs.
    5. Designed to assist students, their parent/guardian, and school in working collaboratively for the welfare of the students.

    Reporting can take the form of, but is not limited to:

    • Conferences
    • Report cards
    • Formal meetings
    • Informal meetings
    • E-mail
    • Notes home
    • Phone calls
    • Infinite Campus