• Standards-Based Practices

    American schools have long had a history of teachers evaluating student work in individual and isolated ways.  O’Connor quotes Guskey in saying:

    “[Grading] practices are not the result of careful thought or sound evidence. . . . Rather, they are used because teachers experienced these practices as students and, having little training or experience with other options, continue their use” (as cited in O’Connor, 2009).

    In short, many of the traditional grading practices of American teachers are unfair, inconsistent, and do not clearly communicate student achievement to students or their parents

    The Ankeny Community School District is committed to meeting the needs of all learners. Standards-based practices that are grounded in the formative assessment process provide clarity in what each student knows, understands, and is able to do, as measured against the curriculum. Such clarity empowers educators to respond instructionally, which ultimately results in improved student learning.

    The purpose of this section is to provide updates, information, and resources pertaining to standards-based practices in the Ankeny Community School District.