• Central Printing

    Welcome to the Ankeny Central Printing page. Central Printing requires all orders be completed on-line. If you are new to the district or have not registered on the order system site, you will need to do so prior to placing an order.

    Access Central Printing's online ordering system.

Important Printing Info for the 2019-2020 School Year

  • Changes in color stock.

    Central Printing will no longer carry the Astrobrights brand and will be reducing its color choice to basic primary colors in text and card stock in the coming weeks. It will take some time to update the online ordering system. Until then we will try to keep your choice of color or may have to substitute it with a similar one.

    We ask our customers to only send in jobs that will be needed within a two-week period. This will help alleviate the system from becoming over loaded. For example, we are in the month of August so any jobs needed for the months October and on should not be submitted yet. This way print orders will be steady throughout the year. If we are ahead we will let you know when to send more jobs in.

    Allow Four Days for Print Order

    Please be courteous and reframe from one-day turnaround time. We have been trying to accommodate these requests, however this is causing the system to fall a bit behind. Central Printing operates on a four-day window for completing print orders. It is important for us to have materials out in a timely manner.

    Printing Process Clarification

    Central Printing has received communication from staff wondering where their order is following the “completed” message they receive. This message is generated when an order has been electronically processed, meaning the order has been cleared for printing. The order is then sent to a copier for printing. Once the order has been printed and sent to the building, the order is officially “completed.”

    Mailing Matters

    When sending mail please double check that envelope flaps are not tucked inside with the letter. Please have the flap either folded down on the outside or sealed.  Also please refrain from multi stacking envelopes together.