• School Board Advisory Committees

    School board members sit on a number of committees which advise the district in areas of policy, curriculum & instruction and planning, and for which agendas and meetings are posted. These committees may be made up of parents, members of the community, faculty, administration, and in most cases, members of the Board. All sessions for the following committees are open to the public, but public input is not generally solicited during committee meetings.

    Board-Approved Advisory Committees

    The current committees of the school district which include School Board representation include

    Other Committees

    In addition, there are other non-advisory committee which may include Board representation and that publish minutes of their meetings. These may also include Task Forces created by the Superintendent.  These committees include:

    Organization Committees that do not publish minutes

    The following committees include representation from the Board of Education. Board members attend, participate in meetings, and provide reports to the Ankeny Board of Education. These meetings do not, however, require a posted agenda and are not necessarily open to the public.

    • Ankeny Community Schools Foundation - Board representative: None
    • Calendar Committee - Board representative: Stephanie Judd
    • City-School Advisory Committee - Board representatives: Jim Ford, Dustin Graber
    • Iowa Association of School Boards Delegate:  Stephanie Judd
    • Recreation Center Endowment Fund Committee (YMCA) - Board representatives: Dustin Graber, Mike Rooney
    • Safety and Crisis Planning Committee - Board representative: Dustin Graber
    • Superintendent's Advisory Committee - Board representatives: Brad Huss