• Practicum and Student Teachers

    Come learn from some of the best teachers in the state!  We are happy to offer opportunities for prospective teachers to come to Ankeny and work with teachers in our classrooms.  There is a wide variety of opportunities waiting for you in Ankeny.

    Guidelines and Procedures

    Welcome to the Ankeny Community School District (ACSD) Practicum Student and Student Teaching Programs.  The ACSD Practicum Student and Student Teaching Programs are designed to attract outstanding pre-service teachers by offering a unique sub-urban teaching experience.  A student’s practicum and student teaching experience is the most important phase in the development of future teachers.  With this believe as a foundation, the following guidelines and procedures have been established so that the college students can be provided the best developmental experience possible.

    Attention University Representatives and Student Applicants:

    In order for students to complete their practicum program and student teaching program with ACSD, we must have a formal partnership with your college or university. For partnership information and inquiries, please contact the Department of Human Resources at 515-965-9600. (See attached agreement)

    ACSD will not provide technology devices to students.  It will be the responsibility of the student to furnish their own device.

    Practicum and Student Teaching Application Process:

    Year One:      Practicum Student

    Practicum student candidates are required to apply online through the ACSD job application system and must complete a satisfactory Teacher Insight Assessment.  Additionally, applicants must have a cumulative 3.2 GPA or higher.  After meeting the application minimum qualifications, candidates will be selected for an interview.  Final selection of candidates will be determined after the successful completion of this rigorous application process. Human Resources will communicate to the college and university coordinators which students were selected for placement. Once approved, the practicum student, in conjunction with their institution, must sign the ACSD Letter of Agreement (see attached).

    Year Two:  Student Teacher

    Student teacher candidates, who have successfully completed their practicum experience with ACSD, will be required to update their job application by submitting one letter of recommendation from an ACSD master instructional mentor for consideration of a student teacher placement.  Once the letter has been submitted to Human Resources via the job application process, the student will be placed with the District for their student teacher placement.

    Student teachers, who did not complete their practicum placement within the district, may still be considered for placement.  College and University placement coordinators should contact the Human Resources department to discuss this option.   

    Student teachers selected to student teach in ACSD will be placed for both required placements.

    Registration Window:

    • Fall Semester Registration Window: Practicum and Student Teaching - February 1 - May 1 
    • Spring Semester Registration Window: Practicum and Student Teaching - October 1 - December 1

    Contact Human Resources today!

    To begin the process of becoming a student teacher in Ankeny Schools, please contact Human Resources.