• School Driving Permits

    Application Requirements

    School driving permits are available on a limited basis to students who meet all of the following criteria:

    • The student is in grades 9-12 in middle or high school.
    • The student resides one mile or more from the school (Code of Iowa, 321.194).
    • The student has successfully completed a certified driver’s education program.
    • The student has had a student learner’s permit for at least six (6) months.
    • The student must purchase a hang tag from the school they are attending for parking privileges.
    • Conditions set by the DOT and DOE are met.

    Additional district requirements include:

    • The district may deny requests if adequate parking is not available at the high school.
    • The District will pursue appropriate action for students who abuse their driving privileges on school sites or at school activities and encourage the local authorities to provide strict legal enforcement of the restrictions on student licenses.

    Application Process

    The application process includes the following steps:

    1. Print out and complete the School Driving Permit Application form.
    2. Obtain the principal's signature, approving the student to drive and adequate parking space.
    3. Schedule a meeting between the Chief Operations Officer (289-3930), parent and student for final sign-off.
    4. Bring the completed application and a Certificate of Completion of the driver's education program to the meeting.
    5. Obtain the final signature and fill out the Iowa Department of Transportation Affidavit for School License.
    6. Take copies of the form to the Iowa Department of Transportation to obtain the driving permit.


    Student Parking and Registration Form (please turn this in to your school's main office).