• About Ankeny Business Professionals of America (BPA)

    Business Professionals of America was introduced at Ankeny High School in conjunction with the beginning of the Office Education Program in the 1989-1990 school year. Membership was limited to students in that program. Advisors of the chapter included Dick Rasmussen in the early years, and Linda Rasmussen in later years. As Office Education was replaced in our curriculum with Multi-Occupations in 1996, the activities of the individual clubs of VICA, DECA, and BPA were suspended in our school. Through the efforts of Bill Holscher, class of 1999, BPA was reactivated as an open student club at AHS in 1998. Members that year were: B Holscher, Marcus Murphy, Stephen Newman, Carrie Linn, Brook Burford, Rob Faber, Max Miller, Heath Rude, and Nate Hanson. Reka Hinshaw became the local advisor.

    Local membership has grown each subsequent year; Ankeny has emerged as a strong chapter boasting numerous state officers as well as high placing in state and national competitive events.

    Who Can Join?
    Business Professionals of America is for any student who is enrolled in a business, office, or business educations cousr4 or program in a secondary, middle level, or post secondary, institution. chapters are located in high schools, middle schools, are career/technical schools, post-secondary technical institutes, junior and community colleges, colleges, and universities.

    What is the purpose?
    The purpose of Business Professionals of America is to prepare students for the business workforce through the advancement of leadership, academic, and technological skills. By integrating its programs into the business classroom, BPA builds leadership, professionalism, poise, dependability, patriotism, and competency into business students.

    What do members do?
    Members learn how to work effectively with others and to take advantage of every opportunity to learn and understand the needs of employers.
    Members demonstrate occupational and leadership skills in the Workplace Skills Assessment Program contests.
    Members prepare for their roles as citizens through leadership development, activities, workshops, and conferences.
    Members serve their community by helping the underprivileged, ill, orphaned, elderly, mentally disabled, and unfortunate.

    How can you become involved?
    Business Professionals of America provides recognition of individual members and chapters for involvement in a variety of programs designed to develop personal, leadership, business, and office skills.

    Workplace Skills Assessment Program
    The program measures business and office skills, leadership abilities, or chapter team efforts. Contests are offered on the regional state, and national level.

    State and National Leadership Conference participation is a highlight experience for members including leadership development, travel, contests, sightseeing, making new friends, networking, and running office.

    Special Recognition Awards
    There are 17 Special Recognition Awards designed to provide individual or chapter recognition. Recognition is awarded at the National Leadership Conference. Here are just a few.

    Torch Awards Program
    This is a four-level personal achievement program (Executive, Diplomat, States-man, and Ambassador). Members are recognized for their involvement in community service and many BPA-related activities on the local, state, and national level.

    Air Force Recruiting Salute Award
    This is the highlight honor a Secondary or Associate Division chapter can receive. This award is presented by the US Air Force to the chapter who has met specific criteria.