• Requesting a Transcript to be Sent to a College

    Visit the Naviance Student Portal here.

    Username: Student ID #

    PW: 6 digit DOB with 3 capitalized initials


    To add a college to Colleges I'm Applying To:

    1. From Naviance Student, navigate to Colleges Colleges I'm applying to.

    2. Click the Add button (Pink Plus) in the upper right

    3. Follow Step 1 to begin adding the college:
      • Use the drop-down to select which college the student is applying.  Begin typing the school to see potential matches.
      • Use the drop-down to select the App Type (regular, early decision, etc.).
      • Use the drop-down to select how they will submit their application or use the check box to indicate it's already been submitted.

    4. From this point, select either Add Application (if no transcript request) or choose to Add and Request Transcript.
      • If the student selects Add Application, the college is added to Colleges I'm Applying To
    1. If the student selects Add and Request Transcript, the screen moves to Step 2.
      • Identify what type of transcript is being requested using the check boxes.

    2. Click Request and Finish.
      • The request is made and the school is added to Colleges I'm Applying To


    Screenshot 1: Step 1

     step one in naviance

    Screenshot 2:  Step 2

    step 2 naviance





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