• To answer many of your technology questions, check out the district site called Tech Central.


    Google Accounts: If you are leaving the district or graduating, you may want to download or transfer the items from your Ankeny Schools Google Account. Click on the links below for step by step directions.


    Download Your Google Account 

    This option creates an archive of whatever Google services they select and downloads it into one or more .zip files.  Drive files are converted to a similar file type (Docs to Word or RichText, Slides to Powerpoint, Sheets to Excel or .csv).  They’ll want to save the archive (.zip files) to their personal computer, flash drive, or external hard drive.


    Transfer Your Google Account to another Google Account

    This allows students to copy any of the files that they “own” directly to a new Google account.  This could be another .edu account (if they have their college info) or a personal gmail account.  It does not appear to change the format of any of the files, but it also looks like only some google services are available. If they have a lot of data in their Drive account, they might also run into storage limits with a personal gmail account. 

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.