• The Ankeny High School Fight Song

    First half adapted from "On Wisconsin" and second half adapted from the Notre Dame Victory March.

    Ankeny High School,
    Ankeny High School
    Ever staunch and true
    Ever loyal, ever willing
    We will stand by you.
    Rah! Rah! Rah!

    Maroon and gold,
    we love our colors
    Keep them ever high!
    Onward and upward
    ‘til the goal is nigh. FIGHT!

    Ooh Rah, Ooh Rah,
    Ankeny Ooh Rah,
    Team, Team,
    Fight Team Fight!

    Cheers, cheers
    for old Ankeny High,
    Our love for Ankeny
    will never die.

    Send our leaders
    out to cheer,
    So that the team
    will know we’re here.

    We never fumble,
    we never fall,
    We’ve got the team
    to win over all.

    We’re the team from A-H-S
    So fight on to victory. Fight!