• Iowa Teacher Leadership & Compensation                   

    Improving student learning requires improving the instruction students receive each day. The best way to do this is to empower teachers to lead learning and improvements across the system.

    Teacher leaders will have multiple and varied opportunities to take on extra responsibilities, including helping colleagues analyze data and fine tune instructional strategies as well as coaching and co-teaching.



  •  Teacher Leadership in Ankeny

     TLC Goals:

    • Strengthen assessment and instructional practices to increase student achievement.
    • Provide opportunities for teachers to collaborate and observe one another.
    • Develop long-term professional development opportunities through district developed learning academies for teachers.
    • Develop short-term professional development opportunities by utilizing teacher leadership.
    • Provide career paths for teachers to seek career advancement into leadership positions.
    • Provide a rigorous selection system for teacher leaders resulting in increased responsibility and compensation for teacher leaders.


     Overall Monitoring of Effectiveness:

    1.  Determine if student achievement, specifically in Reading and Math, has been impacted as a result of the TLC Plan.

    2.   Examine classroom implementation of the research-based instructional strategies advocated through embedded professional learning with the teacher leadership roles.

    3.  Discern teachers’ perceptions regarding the effectiveness of the TLC plan in improving research-based instructional practices.