• Keyboarding
    Students grades 3-5 are allotted 10-15 minutes of keyboarding practice once a week on Guidance class days. This is not enough time to truly gain keyboarding skills. Students are encouraged to continue practice on their own. The below link is how grade 3-5 can access their keyboarding accounts.  

    Keyboarding Online is for grades 3-5 at the start of the year.

    2nd Grade students may or may not gain access during the 2nd half of the year based on number of transferable licenses available.

    Students should talk to their media teacher for username and login information.

    Typing Test
    If you complete the lessons in Keyboarding for Kids. Test yourself and see if you can pass out of typing.  Choose a 3 minute test.
    5th Grade Goal - 26 WPM
    4th Grade Goal - 24 WPM
    3rd Grade Goal - 22 WPM
    You may keep retaking these tests as many times as you want. Show us your score screen if you make your goal.