• 2018-2019 ACHS Teams

    Academic Ineligibility Start Dates for 2018-2019 http://bit.ly/2voKJBb

    The following chart shows the earliest date at which various sports programs can begin practice according to Iowa sanctioning athletic organizations. In addition, head coaches for each program are shown. Please have a current physical completed before the first practice. (Please keep an extra copy of the physical paperwork at home.)

    If you have questions or need further information, please call 515-965-9610 or 515-635-2975.


ACHS Fall Sports

Sport Start Date Head Coach Contact Team Page
Football August 6 Jerry Pezzetti jerry.pezzetti@ankenyschools.org Football
Football August 6 Ryan Pezzetti ryan.pezzetti@ankenyschools.org Football
Cross Country - Boys' August 6 Chad Fickbohm chad.fickbohm@ankenyschools.org Boys' Cross Country
Cross Country - Girls' August 6 Eric Cogdill eric.cogdill@ankenyschools.org Girls' Cross Country
Golf - Boys' August 6 Rick Fee richard.fee@ankenyschools.org Boys' Golf
Swimming - Girls' August 6 Michelle Stout michelle.stout@ankenyschools.org Girls' Swimming
Volleyball August 6 Jessica Rinehart jessica.rinehart@ankenyschools.org Volleyball

ACHS Winter Sports

Sport Start Date Head Coach Contact Team Page
Basketball - Boys' November 12 Bob Fontana bob.fontana@ankenyschools.org Boys' Basketball
Basketball - Girls' November 5 Scott DeJong scott.dejong@ankenyschools.org Girls' Basketball
Bowling - Boys' November 5 Hannah Munson hannah.munson@ankenyschools.org Boys' Bowling
Bowling - Girls' November 12 Hannah Munson hannah.munson@ankenyschools.org Girls' Bowling
Swimming - Boys' November 5 Justin Crouch justin.crouch@ankenyschools.org Boys' Swimming
Wrestling November 12 Jay Groth jay.groth@ankenyschools.org Wrestling

ACHS Spring Sports

Sport Start Date Head Coach Contact Team Page
Golf - Girls' March 12 John Petersen john.petersen@ankenyschools.org Girls' Golf
Soccer - Boys' March 12 Brian Duax brian.duax@ankenyschools.org Boys' Soccer
Soccer - Girls' March 18 Chris Allen chris.allen@ankenyschools.org Girls' Soccer
Tennis - Boys' March 12 Tami Lewton tami.lewton@ankenyschools.org Boys' Tennis
Tennis - Girls' March 12 Ryan Petersen ryan.petersen@ankenyschools.org Girls' Tennis
Track - Boys' February 11 Nate Smith nathan.smith@ankenyschools.org Boys' Track
Track - Girls' February 11 Andrew Kruzich andrew.kruzich@ankenyschools.org Girls' Track

ACHS Summer Sports

Sport Start Date Head Coach Contact Team Page
Baseball April 29 Mark Hey mark.hey@ankenyschools.org Baseball
Softball May 6 Brett Delaney brett.delaney@ankenyschools.org Softball