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    Laying the Groundwork for Ankeny's Future 

    Each year, the Ankeny Board of Education sets forth the district’s long-range facility plan. The plan is built upon review of the most recent information from the district’s demographers, and addresses the district’s facility needs in light of anticipated growth.

    We continue to plan and strategize how to best address growth in our district, while being good stewards of the taxpayers in Ankeny. Not only do we want to be prepared for the continual, rapid growth of the city, but we want to uphold the ‘Ankeny Experience’ for each student to help all learners achieve a lifetime of personal success. 

    The current plan is as follows:

    2017 Long-Range Facility Plan

    The Board will continue to plan for facility needs and school buildings to address capacity utilizing information provided by the district’s demographer.

    To the right, please find additional information on the key components of the long-range facility plan. 

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