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    What is a School Administrative Manager (SAM)?

    The Ankeny Community School District recognizes that how principals use their time is central to overall school improvement practices and the success of each student. In light of this, the district has rolled out the School Administrative Manager (SAM) program in three elementary buildings. The SAM program is a research-based program that leads to higher student achievement by allowing the principal to focus on instruction. A SAM is a school manager who takes on many of the principal’s most time-consuming management tasks. The building SAM will work with the principal to delegate the day-to-day management and supervision tasks to a team of first responders. Research indicates, principals can gain an average of 27 additional days to be able to focus on instruction in a single year.

    Three Ankeny elementary schools are participating in the SAM initiative, at Southeast Elementary, Prairie Trail Elementary, and Rock Creek Elementary. The SAM project has been in Iowa for ten years and there are now 62 SAM teams in Iowa.

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    How Principals Manage Their Time is Key to Improving Schools