• Orbis Overview

    Words on sidewalk that say passion led us here

    Ankeny, Iowa: August 10, 2017

    On Thursday, August 10 the Ankeny Community School District unveiled the name of their new college and career readiness program opportunities.  The program is now called Orbis.  Orbis, the Latin term for “compass,” was the name developed by a group of Ankeny students.  This one word captures the essence of the program; as every student goes through the Ankeny school district, they will follow their own compass as they chart their own path for a lifetime of personal success.

    Orbis will embrace partnerships with outside organizations to support student learning with authentic experiences that add value to these organizations while solving real-world problems. Projects with outside organizations will begin in January 2018. These can range from a project embedded into a teacher's classroom to students scheduled to spend part of their school day at an outside organization. 

    “The program will expose students to possibilities, provide structures for students to explore those possibilities, and build on partnerships with the community,” said Dr. Jill Urich, Orbis Director.   We will engage students in experiences contributing to the betterment of our local and global community.”