• District Plan

    At the state level, HF2392 elevates the expectation for all students to be college and career ready by the time they graduate from high school. Additionally, this legislation calls for our collective efficacy and shared responsibility in preparing our students so they make informed, purposeful decisions as they navigate their way through our system. Some highlights from this particular legislation include the following:

    • Ankeny is expected to have a formal K-12 district plan for college and career readiness, one that is purposeful, aligned, yet flexible to meet the individual needs of students. The plan includes the following essential components:
      • Self-understanding
      • Career Information: Understanding the World of Work
      • Career Exploration Experiences
      • Post-secondary Exploration
      • Career and Postsecondary Decision
    • Each student is required to have an Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP). Overview of guidance pertaining to Individual Career and Academic Plans.
    • Ankeny is expected to have an electronic platform - we use Naviance - for hosting Individual Career and Academic Plans, which include individualized portfolios that are developed by the students over time.
    • A stakeholder committee is expected to convene periodically throughout the school year. Our committee in Ankeny is called the Orbis Leadership Team, and it consists of teachers, administrators, parents, students, representatives from the workforce, and Board representation.

    What is the District Plan, and how is it different from the Individual Career and Academic Plan?

    The District Plan details how the district will implement the career and academic planning process outlined in House File 2392, Division I. In other words, the District Plan guides the Individual Career and Academic Planning process. To that end, the District Plan, at a minimum, must:

    • Include a summary of the activities to be undertaken in each grade-level in support of each Essential Component;
    • Detail how the career and academic planning process will integrate with the district’s comprehensive school improvement plan and school counseling program;
    • Designate a district team to establish, implement, and maintain the district plan;
    • At the district’s discretion, outline components and outcomes in addition to those required by statute to be integrated into the district’s career and academic planning process.

    More information can be found on the Iowa Department of Education > Career Planning website.


    Highlights of Ankeny’s plan:

    • Junior Achievement’s BizTown for all of 5th grade
    • Career information and career exploration integrated at the middle school level
    • Focused post-secondary and career exploration aligned with students’ interests and skills as determined through Naviance reporting
    • Orbis Work-Based Experiences


    This “Orbis Overview” document was shared in Take Five in fall 2017:

    Direction of Orbis