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    Orbis encompasses all that we do in Ankeny Community Schools as it pertains to college and career readiness as we prepare every learner for a lifetime of personal success. Considering all the great work that is happening in Ankeny, having a platform such as Orbis to formally identify the work from PreK-12th grade illuminates the collective, purposeful work throughout the system as well as the importance of everyone’s role in helping our students succeed. It also allows the opportunity to determine next steps in ensuring further success. To that end, we want to create additional opportunities for our students; that is, opportunities for teams of students to engage in authentic project-based experiences in partnership with the workforce.

    Orbis, Ankeny’s college and career readiness program, is grounded in exposing students to possibilities, provides structures for students to explore, and finally, one that builds on partnerships with our workforce so our students engage in experiences solving problems and contributing to the betterment of our local and global community.

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