• We want to offer resources to sustain learning. Optional resources will provide a range of materials or activities so that any student on your roster, including students with disabilities or with ELL needs, can access.  If you have questions or need support, please reach out to one of our building special educators. Keep in mind these resources are not intended to be all-inclusive but rather, it is a place for parents to begin, knowing many other viable options are likely to emerge as this pandemic ensues. This information will be available on our website.
    1. Heartland AEA provides a number of valuable resources such as read-aloud ebooks, ebooks, digital audiobooks, videos, encyclopedias, articles, and newspapers for use by parents/families and students. Heartland AEA Resources: District AEA Passwords were provided in the March 24 parent email
    2. Join families from across Iowa as we keep our skills sharp through a guided online learning camp with weekly challenges and educational apps from PBS KIDS and Iowa PBS Education. Virtual Learning  Camp
    3. PBS LearningMedia producers and educators have come together to curate a special collection of resources organized by grade and subject area. Find videos, lesson plans, and activities that support learning at home. Create a free account to save and organize content. PBS PreK-12 Resource