• Chromebook Repairs Process

    1. Parents, please reach out with an email to repairs@ankenyschools.org. Our technical support staff is not onsite, so email is the most practical method for repair.
    2. repairs@ankenyschools.org will respond with some basic questions to determine the severity of the issue.  In most cases, a replacement Chromebook will be provided.
    3. Once the course of action is determined, and if a replacement is needed, the following process will be followed:
      • Replacement device prepared, properly inventoried, enrolled in Google domain, tested using student account information obtained from parent.
      • Device information will be gathered from the broken device, as well as the new device.  Device information will be shared with appropriate Library personnel for District Inventory tracking purposes.
      • Library personnel will make adjustments in the District Inventory system and when complete, alert repairs@ankenschools.org that inventory adjustments have been made.
      • repairs@ankenyschools.org will arrange for drop-off/pickup on Wednesdays between Noon and 1:00pm in the Ashland Ridge Elementary parking lot, located at 2600 NW Ash Dr, 50023.  Devices should be placed in trunk of car.  A computer technician will remove old device from trunk, while placing new, disinfected device into trunk.