• Curriculum Review Cycle

    A key responsibility of the Curriculum and Instruction Department is to facilitate the review and implementation of new and/or updated curriculum within the district. Best practice is to reveiw each subject area every seven years. .

    The intent is to review and complete identified tasks during the cycle year. On-going alignment to core, assessment, data review and adjustments will be made as needed.

    Curriculum Adoption / Review Year One

Non-Negotiables Must-Do
All teachers will use district-adopted materials. Assessment plan: 1) Formative 2) Summative
Professional development will be provided and strategies will be used in the classroom. Curriculum map and/or instructional plan or template for each course/grade level content area
Common assessments will be developed and used by all teachers to drive teaching and ultimately student learning Identification of instructional strategies to support curriculum
On-going review of data will be commonplace to impact teaching and learning Plan for acceleration and intervention
Our students will have access to similar experiences in their education across our school district Development of a K-12 vision, mission and goals for curricular area
Align curriculum to Iowa Core, develop benchmarks and cross-curricular benchmarks, align to report card
Review research, achievement data, schools of best practice
Incorporate technology
Develop common vocabulary
Present materials to board for adoption
  • Summer of Year 1:

    • Order materials
    • Pre-service staff development

    Year 2:

    • Implementation
    • Ongoing staff development
    • Data collection
    • Evaluation and reflection

    Summer Following Year 2:

    • Revisions as necessary


    • Alignment to core – gaps/redundancies
    • Assessment
    • List needs for review
    • Review data
    • Mission, Vision, Values, Goals