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December 16, 2021

68 Students Selected for the 35th Annual OPUS Honor Choir Festival


This fall, sixty-eight Ankeny Community School District students, grades sixth through ninth, were selected for the 35th Annual Opus Honor Choir Festival hosted by the Iowa Choral Directors Association. Over twenty-one hundred students were nominated by their directors for one hundred-eighty positions in each of the four OPUS Honor Choirs. Judges made their selections by scoring a recorded audition from each nominated student. The 2021 Opus Honor Choirs performed on Thursday, November 18th, in CY Stephens Auditorium in Ames. Congratulations to these outstanding young musicians and their directors: Nick Oswald and Jill Bjorklund, Southview; Ben Joseph, Northview; David Sponder and Emma Feldhans, Parkview; Riley Anderson and Lisa Rehms, Prairie Ridge.

*Solo Finalists
PR = Prairie Ridge
PV = Parkview
SV = Southview
NV = Northview

5th/6th Choir 7th/8th Treble Clef Choir
Elin Alber (PV) Mya Backstrom (SV)
Delaney DeAngelo (PR) Ella Breuer (SV)
Shannon Frommelt (PR) Caitlyn Chance (SV)
Sloane Gauerke (PR) Charlee Cibula (SV)
Peyton Griffith (PR) Shelby Davidson (SV)
*Taylor Harrison (PR) Ella Dietrich (PV)
Sarah Heldt (PR) Aubrie Kolner (NV)
Sloane Huisman (PR) Whitney Lee (PR)
Zena Jorgensen (PR) Reese Mitchell (NV)
William Peverill (PV) Lilian Monthei (SV)
Derek Pross (PV) Allison Muehr (SV)
Kahlan Simmonds (PV) Sara Phillips (PV)
Abigail Tanner (PV) Landry Wagner (PV)
Autumn Underwood (PR)  
Aaliyah Van Horn (PV)  
7th/8th Bass Clef Choir 9th Mixed Choir
Austin Albaugh (PV) Nick Ambrosecchia (SV)
Cael Austin (PV) Ingrid Dietrich (SV)
Greyson Beenen (SV) Tim Fairchild (SV)
Lincoln Blessing (PV Eli Feldhans (SV)
Hudson Evans (SV) Leah Hatch (SV)
Garrett Hemmingsen (SV) Alex Hoxeng (SV)
Jayden Huegel (SV) *Evelyn Huegel (SV)
Harrison Jansen (NV) Cade Johnson (SV)
Zena Jorgensen (PR) Mia Koka (SV)
Oliver Klein (SV) James Lopez (SV)
Erik Kleve (SV) Landon Pote (SV)
Zach Kragel (SV) Zach Riley (SV)
Jefferson Menke (PV) Nicholas Robie (SV)
*Logan Peterson (PV) Tyler Sickerson (SV)
Anders Repp (SV) Ethan Skow (SV)
Jack Reysack (SV) Carlos Vergara (SV)
Gus Ringholz (PR)  
Jackson Robie (PV)  
*Ezekiel Scroggs (PR)  
Caleb Sensor (SV)  
Brannen Shanahan (SV)  
William Simmonds (SV)  
Jayden Song (SV)  
Jaxon Speer (PV)  
Billy Youngquist (SV)  

CONGRATULATIONS to the hundreds of Ankeny students who submitted recordings and especially to each of these fine young musicians who were selected! Prairie Ridge students Taylor Harrison and Ezekiel Scroggs, Parkview student Logan Peterson and Southview student Evelyn Huegel had the distinguished honor of being chosen as solo finalists for the festival, and Logan Peterson was chosen as a soloist! Congratulations to all!