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May 11, 2023

4th Annual City wide Elementary Academic Tournament

Academic tournament

The 4th Annual All Ankeny City elementary academic tournament was held at Southview Middle School this past weekend, with 22 teams competing at different levels. The students were tested on a variety of subjects, including English, History, Geography, Literature, Math, Science, and Economics. The event proved to be a great success as the young learners had a fun time competing and showcasing their knowledge.


L to R: Finn Cumings-Peterson, Jakobe Shannon, Isaac Ellsworth, and Trenton Chapin.


In the team competition 3rd grade winners were Finn Cumings-Peterson, Jakobe Shannon, Isaac Ellsworth, and Trenton Chapin. These students are from East Elementary and the individual champion was Jacob Lecaque who is from Heritage Elementary.

Academic tournament

L to R: Irvin Bui, Christian DeVan, Caleb DeVan, Ezra Cervantes


In the 4th/5th grade division we had the East Eggheads consisting of Christian DeVan, Caleb DeVan, Ezra Cervantes and Irvin Bui from East elementary take home the first place team medals. These students are invited to compete at the National Academic Tournament in Chicago. In the individual portion of the Tournament Henry Burnley from North East Elementary won the title for the second straight year.

6-7 grade

L to R: Sam Schacherer, Grayson Skinner, Waylon Van Weelden and Duy Duong


In the 6th/7th grade division a combination of students from both sides of town called the Jag-Hawks won first place the team consisted of Duy Duong, Grayson Skinner, Sam Schacherer and Waylon VanWeelden. In the individual competition Jamie Lecaque from Parkview Middle School won the individual crown.

“I love to see Quiz Bowl continue to grow in our city. We must have some amazing teachers and parents in the Ankeny school district.” According to Coach Coombes the head coach of the Ankeny and Southview Hawks.”