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Parent Portal FAQ

How do I sign up for a Parent Portal account?

Please complete this form to request a Parent Portal account. The form can also be found by going to by going to Parents > Infinite Campus and scroll down the page to find the form. The district will verify that you are the student’s guardian and are able to have access to the portal.
I have been using my child’s portal account. Do I need one of my own?

Having a parent account gives you an integrated dashboard of ALL children for whom you are guardian. In addition, your account gives you access to set your personal preferences and allows you to update demographic information for you and your family, which cannot be done through the student account.
I know my User Name and Password but I am not able to log in?

Sometimes your computer security settings or browser can cause problems when logging into the Parent Portal. Try another computer or browser such as Firefox to see if that will help.
How can I change my account username?

Usernames have to be changed by district personnel. The district suggests that you use an email address as your username. Please email with your new username preference and the following information: your name, child(ren)’s names and birthdates, home address, and email address.
How can I change my password?

Parents now have the ability to change their own password in the Account Preferences menu inside the Parent Portal. Please remember that passwords need to be considered ‘strong’ in order to be saved.
I have forgotten my username and password. How do I recover this information?

Under the Helpful Hints for the Parent Portal on the district website (under Parents, then Infinite Campus) you will find two different links, Resetting Password and Recovering Username. You will be able to use these methods if you still have access to the email address you selected for reset purposes. If you are not able to use these self-service options, please visit the Infinite Campus page under Parents on the district website, then follow the link to the online form to complete for assistance.
How can I change my email address record?

Email addresses can be changed from the Family Members link once you are logged into the Parent Portal (left frame) or it can be updated by district personnel.

If I have questions about grades, attendance or fees, whom do I contact?

These questions need to be directed to the buildings to the course teacher, office staff or principal.
Some of my family demographic information is not correct. How do I get it updated?

This information can be changed once you are logged into the Parent Portal (left frame). The ‘Family Members’ tab can let you update:

  Cell phone number

Work number

Email address (up to two per person)

The ‘Household Information’ tab can let you update:

Household phone number

Household address

The ‘ Demographics’ tab can let you update:

Non-household contacts, such as emergency contacts, day care providers, etc.

PLEASE NOTE** Parent/Guardian asking that a non-custodial parent be removed will be denied. You will need to provide legal documentation to the District Office stating that the parents’ rights have been severed.
Demographic information can also be updated by district personnel.