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Bus Policies

Transportation Policies and Procedures

The school district provides a number of resources regarding its policies and regulations for you to review:

School Board Transportation Policies (will link to our transportation policies)
Transportation Guidelines from Handbook
Special Needs Transportation Guidelines

Bus Welcome Letter 2020:

Welcome to the new school year! This notice is to inform you of the rules of the bus and the changes that have been implemented over the last year.

For students who qualify for bus transportation, the information about bus number, bus stop location, and bus stop time is in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Please note that Durham is currently finalizing timing for routes and assigning late registrants to the system. Please check the portal often for updates. If you have questions about routing, please contact Durham School Services at 515-965-9615.

Bus passes are mandatory for every child, every time they board the bus. Bus passes will be distributed on the first day of school. Attendance will be taken every route (per district policy), and each student will have an assigned seat. Please remember that routes may need to be adjusted within the first month of the school year to ensure social distancing and other health and safety precautions are taken. The seats will be assigned after the first 2-3 weeks.

The bus is an extension of the classroom. As such, the rules are the same. There is no eating/drinking on the buses. Students are expected to remain in their assigned seats for the entirety of the ride, as well as respecting all other classroom rules and regulations.

Students will wear a face covering while riding the bus. Hand sanitizer will be available to students as they board the bus. Please talk with your student about the importance of wearing a mask and using the hand sanitizer on the bus. Durham School Services will thoroughly clean the buses after the am and pm routes are completed.

The students are not allowed to leave the bus except for at their assigned stop. If you need your child removed from the bus, please call Durham School Services at 965-9615, or your child’s school. Students who are NOT bus eligible are not allowed to ride home with students who ARE eligible.

Please have your student at their assigned stop at least 5 minutes prior to the assigned stop time. Please keep in mind that traffic and weather conditions will affect the buses’ run time.

If you’ve any questions, please contact Durham School Services at 515-965-9615.