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Pay-to-Ride 2020-2021

Spring 2021 Pay-To-Ride Registration Procedures

The District did not open Pay-To-Ride at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year due to COVID-19 mitigation. With the return to Traditional Onsite Learning at the start of the second semester, the District and Durham collected data to determine the feasibility to open Pay-To-Ride and to provide maximum mitigation of the spread of COVID-19. The data analysis found that there is some capacity on most bus routes to allow for a limited number of Pay-To-Ride students.

What is Pay-To-Ride?

State law requires school districts to provide transportation to elementary and middle school students living two or more miles from their attendance centers, and to high school students living three or more miles from their high school (AHS and ACHS). Pay-To-Ride transportation services are for those students who do not qualify for transportation under the state code. If you are unsure if your address qualifies for free transportation, please use the address lookup tool.

February 12 – February 15: Open Request

Families will submit a request for Pay-To-Ride via the online TouchBase system. This request does not guarantee Pay-To-Ride eligibility. Instead, the request process allows for the District and Durham to determine if space is available for students requesting Pay-To-Ride while maintaining COVID-19 mitigation for each route. New bus routes will not be added at this point of the school year. Students who Pay-To-Ride will be added to already established bus routes and bus stops.

  • Online via TouchBase – view online registration instructions if you need assistance.
  • If you are unable to access TouchBase from your home, please contact the Ankeny Schools District Office at 515-965-9600 to set up an appointment to complete the application at the District Office – 306 SW School Street.

February 16 – February 19: Feasibility Processing and Communication

Durham will determine the feasibility for each request, based on capacity of established routes and timing of established routes. Durham will communicate the feasibility for each student to families by the end of the day on February 19. For students who are added for Pay-To-Ride, transportation will be added to Infinite Campus.

Students will be assessed a fee of $169.88 for round-trip or $84.94 for one-way transportation for the rest of the 2020-2021 school year. The fee will be assessed once Durham confirms the route. An email will be generated from for payment due upon receipt.

February 22: Begin Pay-To-Ride Transportation

Students for whom a Pay-To-Ride route is assigned will have routing information added to Infinite Campus prior to February 22. Students will begin riding on February 22.