• Information for Realtors

    The information found in this section of the website is provided to assist realtors with information about our school district, boundaries, and information in which prospective homeowners may be interested.

    • District Annual Overview Brochure - A printable overview brochure, updated annually, can be found on the Newsletters page of this website. This brochure includes the most recent academic and athletic statistics, as well as mission and vision, building configuration, parent comments and more.
    • Why Ankeny Schools - A flier with several talking points about some of the great things going on in the Ankeny School District.
    • Where Will My Student Go To School - This is certainly top of mind to many prospective home buyers. We can help with several tools that help you determine a student's schools and feeder system, including an online address look-up tool that accesses information from the Polk County Assessor's Site.
      • Address Look-Up Tool - Enter your address, the school year you're interested in, and your grade in school that year, and this tool will tell you what building you will attend. NOTE: This system is currently set for 2013-2014 school year boundaries and will need to undergo a refresh with new boundary information before it will be accurate for the 2014-2015 school year. Learn how to use the Address Look-Up Tool here.
      • Boundary Maps - Not sure which system you live in? These maps show boundary lines for elementary and secondary schools. Find your street to determine your feeder system.
    • Projected Enrollment - Some clients may ask questions about growth in the school district at various grade levels. Information about projected enrollment from demographer RSP & Associates is readily available and updated annually near the end of the year.